As Paul Harvey would say: "And now, the Rest of the story."

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Jan 1, 2002
As several of you good people have noted, I have some issues with a certain poster named Wales. Frankly I am very unhappy with his attitude. Here is the Rest of the story.Somewhat confusing but funny, in it's wierd way...

This succession of emails explains why I think Wales is an a$$. What he didn?t know was that the place that I was going to show him is one of the most gorgeous spots on the entire island. He?ll never know what he missed out on.

It all starts in the middle. His answers and questions are from the middle down and mine are from the middle up. See and judge for yourselves.

And this is the thanks you get! <- ( I saved the string under this file name)

My third answer. After this I was too pi$$ed off to do more than cut out.
Maybe one of you can tell me what set him off. All I could come up with is that I used ?in? rather than ?at? when talking about the famous b-b-que?

on 5/26/2004 7:10 PM, Hillbilly at wrote:

It happens to be in a private penthouse. No pictures, but you cann feed
forty or fifty people with it.. At least we have in the past.. Not all at
once but in orderly succession..


My second answer

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on 5/26/2004 1:44 PM, Hillbilly at wrote:

When you see the setting and the place it is in, I think you will
appreciate it...

Yes, there is a good deal of skill. But oh what food comes off of it,.


My first Email answer

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on 5/26/2004 11:46 AM, Hillbilly at

OIC. Amaro Motors are on the highway that goes from Santiago towards
the west. Only about 500 mts from the beginning of the highway. Close to
the city.
A barbeque with propane? Are you nuts? In a country where you can
get bags of mesquite charcoal for pennies? Nw way!
Think again, please???
I can show you one that my son built, and you can go from there.


START HERE->I answered a post of his on DR1, and got this in the email->

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Subject: Lkitchen/Barbecue/Genset

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This is the message:

Thanks for info. Where is Amaro Motors? We are still in Canada at the
moment so we don't get the papers. As far as the Barbecue is
want a permanent brick built one but to run on propane.
Brian Wales

His Answers to my notes
1) ok sorry but then there is some skill involved isn't there? I would like
to see the one your son built
Brian Wales

2)Where is the one your son built? Do you have pictures?

3)My requests were of a serious nature. Suggest you and your son go find
something sensible to do and don't respond to any of my requests again.
Indoor barbecues do not work. I will be telling people not to respond to
HILLBILLY because that sounds what you are.!!

At this point I got pi$$ed and bailed out.



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Mar 4, 2004
So my guess WAS right, HB?

I thought you were trying to help him & he turned on you. How to win friends & influence people, eh?
Actually, I wrote him an open letter, last night. It's in the General Forum. Rob closed it as he could see a storm a-comin' Do you agree with my assessment, HB? My concern is that if he keeps up this behaviour when he gets here, he is going to find himself in deep excrement, & then YOU (or someone else) will get the phone call! Let us all be warned, eh?
Oh & don't stop helping people, HB. The REST of us really appreciate it.
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