Attention propane converted car owners.


Jan 2, 2002
Good news. I have just found the right guy to tune up your system to give you the maximum mileage out of your tank full of propane gas in your car.
My car was doing fine until I had some 90K miles work done in my car by a dominican mechanic. I needed to get timing belt and the rest of the work done. I contacted Zee (the european mechanic). He is the only mechanic in santiago that I would trust getting any serious work done on the car. Unfortunately zee was a bit too busy for me and I needed the car work done the same day. I use my car for santo domingo travel every day. I was going to wait on him but when I opened up my hood, I came to realize that one of my belts was all damaged and about to break apart. This is due to the fact that my main pulley was all chipped off and damaged. This caused the belt to get all cut up. It was a saturday and I needed my car. So I took it to a near by shop. They did all the work on my car in emergency and worked till late at night. They even put a used pulley in perfect condition. All was supposed to be good but the same week my car started to consume more gas. Like 800+ pesos RT to santo domingo from santiago. Then a terrible shake in my car. So when I checked the spark plug cables, seemed like one cable was not connected well. At this time, the mechanic pulled out my spark plug cables one by one to check them all. In the process he damaged 2. So I was compelled to buy new spark plug cables in santo domingo with new spark plugs. All went fine but the gas consumption was still not with in satisfactory range. Now I was paying like 745 pesos / tank full RT from santiago to santo domingo. Then it came to my attention that the mechanic had touched my gas system and made some adjustments a while back.
So when I was in metro gas station in between santiago - moca highway (auto pista duarte) I was introduced to a spanish mechanic (from spain). He is known to the authority in gas systems for cars. He opened up my hood and listened to my car's engine, gave it acceleration and made some adjustments to my propane gas system. Turned air/gas mixture knob and played with another knob. The whole work took 2 minutes and he charged 75 pesos (I gave him 100).
Wow wow wow. My car system went from 850 pesos / tank RT to santo domingo to around less than 600 pesos RT. This is a huge difference even with the higher gas prices. I am impressed. This man knows his work and my car almost consumes no gas now.
here is his detail.
Call this cell#: 829 803 7227 miguel, aka, el espanol.

He works in various Metro gas stations in santiago area. So call him and ask him where he can be reached.

look for this sexy man miguel (el espanol)