Attorney General cites complicity with crime in Chamber of Accounts


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Feb 20, 2019

The Attorney General Office says investigations are advancing to prove the Chamber of Accounts complicity in crimes of administrative corruption. The Chamber of Accounts is the government body in charge of auditing government transactions. The public prosecutors issued a release explaining ongoing investigations against members of the state’s oversight body for obstruction of justice.

Hugo Francisco Álvarez Pérez heads the investigations for the state prosecutors. He points out they are seeing evidence of the commission of crimes such as association of criminals, falsification of documents, a coalition of officials, complicity in fraud against the state and money laundering.

“The investigations have established that in the Chamber of Accounts, multiple audits were altered to benefit ex-officials of government entities that were being examined,” informed the...

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Apr 1, 2014
So the people who are supposed to stop the crooks from stealing opted for "if ya can't beat them, join them" Corruption reigns supreme.