Audits reveal RD$30 billion in irregularities in electricity utilities


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Feb 20, 2019

The executive vice president of the Unified Council of Electricity Distributors, Andres Astacio, says that the utilities’ audits show irregularities for more than RD$30 billion. He spoke at a press conference called together with the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

Astacio said legal counsel is preparing the complaint regarding the irregularities that will be submitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. He explained that the public utilities detected an overvaluation of more than US$19 million in equipment.

“We are spending less by doing a little more, we are saving around 80% of the total price of the purchases and that translates into benefits for the Dominican state, money that can be used for many things such as the purchase of vaccines for example and we continue acquiring equipment,” said Astacio on new efficiencies in management at the...

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Jul 10, 2004
What a huge mistake it was to put a government agency in charge of power distribution years ago.

With the imminent demise of corrupt and inefficient CDEEE and control shifting to Energy and Mines, I wonder who I will have to pay when EDENORTE vanishes?
E&M Norte or a private company? Will the mistake be continued, just under a different name?
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