Aura Celeste Fernandez and Cándido Mercedes are two strong candidates for the Chamber of Accounts


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Feb 20, 2019

The Senate has begun the selection process to choose the five members of the Chamber of Accounts (CCRD). The Chamber of Accounts is the government entity in charge of auditing government operations. At the close of the applications’ deadline, the media reports that lawyer Aura Celeste Fernández and Participacion Ciudadana long time member Cándido Mercedes have applied.

They could well be included in the pre-selected 15 persons that the legislative committee will present for a vote first in the Chamber of Deputies and then in the Senate. Reports are that their candidacies will not be opposed by the leadership of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), the People’s Force party (FP) and the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).

The deputies will vote to pre-select fifteen people. Once this decision has been made, it is up to the Senate to choose the five people who will make up...

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