Authorities crack down on drug traffickers operating in southern provinces


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Feb 20, 2019

Phase II of Operacion Cayman was begun on 10 April 2024 by the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD), and with the support of the Attorney General Office, the Ministry of Defense and agencies of the United States government, the DNCD reports.

Working with the United States Anti-Drug Agency (DEA) and the United States Southern Command of North America, Dominican law enforcement agencies deployed air, sea and land resources in several provinces along the country’s south coast and in East Santo Domingo to crack down on organized crime structures. The DNCD has reported seizing around six tons of cocaine in recent months, half in the southern Peravia province.

As part of Operacion Cayman, that was begun on 10 April 2024 at 4am, the Public Ministry (Attorney General Office) and the National Drug Control Agency carried out 38 raids in locations in San Juan de la Maguana, Barahona...

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