Auto insurance


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Jan 17, 2006
I am looking for some sort of approx cost for car insurance full-coverage and just liability or basic if anyone has website or phone number for Insurance please post i am trying to figure out what my approx total costs would be if i purcahse a car insurance (12 mos) reg plate etc. Also i have heard that dr Insurance never pays if anybody has any experiences please post

Criss Colon

Jan 2, 2002
Depends On The Vehicle You Want To Insure!!!!!!!!

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Apr 4, 2002
It would be good to find an accredited company that other DR1 members recommend.
As CC pointed out, it depends on the car, but suffice to say, that liability only on a mid valued used car, may be less than $100 US/year.
Full coverage depends on so many factors that you would have to get a quote.
If you do not find any better options, drop me a note, and I will send you Espaillat Motor's phone number in Moca.
They have a division that handles car insurance, and could probably give you an estimate.
You could land up on hold for awhile, and if you don't speak Spanish, well, it would be a waste of time.


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Jan 2, 1999
When you use bad insurance companies, then they don't pay.
Insurance is like most things here, do your due diligence,

Full insurance is usually based on the value of the car. Not driver age, location etc.

I have never had a problem claiming with our insurance company.
We have made five claims (cars & laptops) for various reason in the last 2 years and our broker Franco & Acra has been outstanding. All claims completed and approved in a few days without a hassle. Franco & Acra are one of the biggest and oldest brokers in the DR.

Read this post I made last year.

Franco & Acra Tecniseguros S.A.
Av. Winston Churchill #32
Santo Domingo
Tel: (809) 535 8388
Contact: Emilio Chea (speaks perfect English)
Website: Franco & Acra


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Jan 9, 2002
I use both Progreso Insurance and La Colonial Insurance for our two cars, and they have paid 4 claims without one problem over the past 6 years. I have had 4 accidents that I would call medium/serious (each of my claims for just my own damage was for between $35,000 and 50,000, and they paid every peso of the repair bills.)

And yes, in every single accident I have had, it was the other party that either ran a red light, or a stop sign into my path. I couldn't avoid them, so I hit them hard. They lost in every case.

As well, the body shop replaced the damaged parts on my car with new replacement branded parts, and the insurance companies went along with this, without questions.

On a 3 year old vehicle that is valued at about $325,000. I pay about RD$28,000 a year in premiums for full coverage. On an older vehicle for liability only, with limits of (I think) $400,000 and $800,000, I pay about RD$5000 a year.

One note, in the second accident, and every one following, i explicitly told the AMET who showed up, look, it's their fayult, they ran the red light and I hit them. MY INSURANCE will pay for MY DAMAGE, and THEIR INSURANCE can pay for THEIR damages.

The cops agreed, I filed a report, and the insurors paid. No problems followed any of the accidents, as if my insuror expects this type of scenario, and so they choose to pay and move on. And they haven't seemed to jack up MY rates, (as they would probably do in the US).

I have heard that Seguros Pepin, which seems to be many dominicanos insurance of choice, (and meets the minimum legal insurance requirements,)costs about RD$2000 a year for liability, and NEVER pays out. (but it does meet the legal requirements ). That is why the taxis jsut go to a nearby street corner, get it pounded out for $1000, don't repaint, and just keep moving too.