Avocado Rise tells how the delicious fruit is destroying Dominican protected area


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Feb 20, 2019

“Avocado Rise” is a short, 10-minute documentary on the environmental challenges and ravages of growing avocados in a protected area of the Dominican Republic. This documentary deals with the avocado farms authorized by the Medina administration to operate in the Bahoruco/Jaragua Biosphere, one of the most environmentally diverse areas of the Dominican Republic

The Bahoruco Sierra is covered under the Law of Protected Areas, but that does not seem to have bothered persons related to the highest strata of Dominican political life. The cloud forests of Bahoruco are unique for their huge biodiversity, but in the area around Los Arroyos, there are just some small patches of this exuberant foliage. Since the Sierra flows into Haiti, there is ample evidence of the terrible deforestation as just on the other side of the border there is nothing but rocks and exposed and denuded terrain.

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