Awful experience at Mama Pasta in Sosua

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the gorgon

Sep 16, 2010
Amuzed to log on and find this has got to 8 pages. How do you guys get through a day of your life in DR if such a thing is 8 pages worth of significance.

Yes, I'm a hypocrite in adding to it but ...........................:bored:

it is precisely because the DR is not the epicenter of cosmopolitan entertainment why a thread about a bill can go on forever. ain?t much else to do.


Apr 29, 2014
Stuff like this resonates because we can all relate. Everyday, we all experience life in the DR as a foreigner. Our experiences are often different but there is usually something that we can identify and share as a common occurance with the collective. That usually deals with stuff that has gone wrong or differs from our NA predilections.


Mar 17, 2013
Inspired by this rant and to show support,...

We went to eat at Mama Pasta, was the first time for me, we did not mention the DR1 ramblings, just went for dinner as tourists.

The pasta was great, the service was great, we are value conscious and were pleasantly surprised when we got the bill.

We will be going back for sure.

To the dude that started this one, thank you for pointing me to Mama Pasta, one more good value restaurant on my list :).


New member
Mar 25, 2013
This has gotten ridiculous now even to me.

1. I at no point say that I think he tried to scam me. I don't want anyone saying he tried to rip me off because that is not what I believe. I do not think the guy is a cheat, a crook or a liar. A few people could read and understand and got it right away. Others made their own conclusions. I don't think he was intentionally trying to rip me off. It was a mistake, his or mine. I give him the benefit of the doubt that he was right about it. I still do. That is the reason I paid in full even though I was not happy. If he is right as he probably is and I didn't pay in full then I would be ripping him off and I don't need to rip anyone off.

2. I simply think he didn't handle the situation properly. If he was just the waiter I would not have cared nearly as much. As the owner of the business he is held to a higher standard than a simple worker in my opinion. There are certain things you do and don't do when it comes to customer service and I felt this one was out of line. That's it. I hold myself to a strict code of doing things a certain way especially when it comes to business dealings. It has gotten me thought life very well and I hold others to the same level of expectations. Sorry for those who don't think that is important and can't do it.

3. Think I over-reacted. Fine that is your opinion. Think he is wrong, Fine that is your opinion as it is mine. Think someone is trying to rip someone off. You don't have a clue about it so don't make up something that isn't there. It isn't always about some giant scam or money. Some things are simply about doing things in a proper manner.

4. He is not Dominican. This is not a gringo - Dominican thing. I know if it was the tone would be very different. This thread would be 30 pages long with everyone jumping on board to put in their two cents about how awful every Dominican business is and how horrible their customer service is blah, blah, blah. There is too much of the blindly support any gringo and blindly damn any Dominican concept going around. It isn't safe to live and think like that. If you are going to do anything blindly then blindly don't trust anyone.


Jul 19, 2014
Well to me I will support people who I like here and have good food. I won't let this go...
Yes Vince the owner can be a bit rough around the edges sometimes but I don't believe for a second he was trying to scam the OP, just handled the situation incorrectly.

I agree with harleysrock. I've eaten at Vince's several times. He's a great guy and food is good. He has always been very polite with me. Despite all that has been said about him I will continue to eat at his restaurant.


hasta la tambora
Apr 4, 2005
This has gotten ridiculous now even to me.

Well, it looks like you contributed to Vince's business doubling, & he did not even need to pay Robert for an ad.

He'll now need to hire more dishwashers, waitresses, and cooks, so you stimulated the economy with your rant, how about that?

I too, shall go for lasagna at this spot, thanks for the reco.
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