Baby manatee helped to find her mom again


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Feb 20, 2019

The efforts to raise the environmental awareness of the population are paying off. Fishermen in Barahona notified Ministry of Environment authorities of a baby manatee that had gone astray from its mother on Saturday, 11 September 2021. The baby had been seen swimming alone and disoriented at La Cienaga beach on Friday. Tragically, in the past, the baby manatee would have been captured and sold as meat for human consumption.

The National Aquarium experts were promptly at the scene and rescued the baby manatee. The biologists determined the baby mammal was in good health and returned her to the waters of the La Cienaga Beach. The experts at the National Aquarium said the baby measured approximately 45 days old since it still had its umbilical cord. The creature measuresed 1.30m in length and weighed 40.6 kg.

The National Aquarium explained they...

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