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Dec 2, 2010
Buenos Dias,

It's 10 years since I went to R.D. and I dont know really what to expect. I'm staying in Santo Domingo for a month but i m hoping to get a chance to see most of the island a la the Motorcycle Diaries minus the curing lepers part. Anyway, just wondering what i should look out for as a Native who hasnt been back in such a long time. Most of what I hear from family is negative and looking at some of the posts here and the comments, they dont seem to be to far off.

Has crime activity gotten as bad as I hear, I live in an inner city in the US, so i used to it but then again i m part of the environment as opposed to DR where i would be a more likely target since i am the "foreigner",,...
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Mar 2, 2008
I hope you are not being literal with the 'motorcycle' part. If you are literal, that might be your first shocking experience. The roads are rough and the drivers are rougher, in my opinion.

You might be a little more comfortable with some more 'insulation' between you and the hard streets. Perhaps a car would be more suitable for your excursions

I think in other respects you might find things have changed substantially, while other things have been mercifully untouched.

Depending upon where you travel, I believe you will still find the island to be as beautifully breath-taking as ever, although a tad rough around the edges. There are some spots to avoid, while some spots that are definitely 'must-see'.

All in all, my advice is to take it easy, and discover things the Dominican way, with a sense of humor and a sense of caution. I think you'll find the same great people who have always been here, although you might have to do a little more triage before forming true friendships, especially if you are taken for a foreigner with money.

The way I see it, being low-key is the key.
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Jan 1, 2002
C?gelo suave, might be a good theme for you.

Not that much has changed. Presidente is still good and there are plenty of places to enjoy it. The rums are still good and the places to dance have just multiplied.

The capital is bigger, sure, and the traffic messes are too! But besides that the mentality is the same, the music is the same, sort of, and you will feel good.

Relax, leave the bling at home, no flash, no dash...just be cool. No weaves, no tats, no pants down around your butt crack, and you will be fine...

I am not sure about touring the place on a motorcycle, since wee seem to be killing mayb 4 motorcyclists a day on the roads least that is one of the numbers I have seen. You might send a PM to a gentleman named "Cobraboy" on these pages and ask him, he is a professional at this and has a guide you might like to read...

But there is plenty to see and do, that is for sure...

Welcome back,



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Nov 25, 2008
Well let see 10 years absent, YES theirs way more crime in the streets, especially in SD, motorcycle is a definite NO; the past is past and this reality of the DR is no better, except for those who believe in PINK elephants and green hippos.

Yes Virginia in 10 years things have gotten bad, NOT all but you can see the difference, but I wish for you to be the judge and post back here of your travels
good luck

william webster

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Jan 16, 2009
RE: Roads and driving

My wife likes to remind me that RD ranks 3rd or 4th ( I don't really listen ) in the world for traffic deaths.... behind some pretty frightening countries.

Is there credence to this ?


Lando calrisian

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Mar 1, 2009
Your gonna love it! Welcome back to your country. Motocicleta is doable but have good life insurance and at least your family will get some money. If you are a bike nut like me, contact el Chico Cobra=Cobraboy. Ahhhh and don't flash the cash man. It's hard, so hard not to want to flex your economic muscles. DON't do it, don't let those sad faces get to you, treat em to dinner or buy some beer's. Learn how to be tacano...
Dec 2, 2010
Thanks for all the advice. I dont plan on bringing jewelry i usually dont do that in the US. It was more of a figurative thing as far as the motorcycle, but i would like to visit the island as i am not sure when i will return. Thanks to all who replied.