back in USA for visit


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Feb 12, 2002
Hi everyone,
Me and the kids did make the big move back in June to the town of Tenares. We flew in to the new airport near/in Santiago. The arrival area is tiny with only 2 lines checking suitcases so that took forever. We came on Aeromar which was actually better than all the other times we came on AA. Left on time, arrived 15 minutes early and the food was decent too. Right now I am back in Massachusetts for 3 weeks. Going back on the 19th. We got an inverter for the house with 8 batteries so the computer is hooked up. Only problem is the phone lines stop about 1/4 mile from were we are so no internet yet. We use cell phones for now. The colmado is doing great too. My husband signed up our 6 year old for school and she will just miss the first week of it. She has learned so much spanish already.


Jan 1, 2002
It's good to hear from you neighbor. I'm sure you and the girls are feeling the cold in Massachusetts this week. Before you know it the kids will be teaching you Spanish. Good luck and keep in touch when you get your phone.