Back to the dr


Campesino !! :)
Jan 12, 2013
Was out of the dr for one of the longest stints ever...... 6 months and a bit ( yes, yes, the " and a bit " counts a lot as you near the departure date ;) ;) ).

A couple of remarks after 2 days back at home :

- I was asked for residencia as I checked in for my 2 stop-over journey that led me back to santiago airport. ( only the 2nd time in my decade of flying back and forth )

- There is a water shortage :( :( Conuco is in a pitiful state. Garden has lost lots of flowers. Cistern is nearly empty.
Surprisingly the ayunamento organised a FREE water delivery yesterday !! Yes, free. A water truck went up and down the road, you flag him down and he fills up whatever recipient you have on hand ( sadly his dr estylé pipes didnt reach my cistern, but still, managed to fill up multiple " blue barrels " ).

- Yesterday in santiago, on 2 occasions, people actually stopped and let me out onto the main road !!!! Now that is a first for me here !! God bless their souls !!!

- Banks and remesas places are still totally disorganised.

- The road between Imbert and Navarrette is hoping for the record of " most time needed to build a stretch of road ".

- I am now the proud owner of a light bar on my pick-up :( bad timing wify :/ upside: saw multiple Amet ( or digestt something or other, as they are now called. ) and didnt get stopped.

- We now have satellite internet with altice, and it works great ( well slight exaggeration, but much better than the other options i tried ).

- Roads are still in a terrible state.

I am sure there is more to come :)


Jul 10, 2004
Being out for a length of time does return ones perspective.

Interesting you were asked for a residency card. Did you not already have the tourist card payment in your ticket price?

The road from Puerto Plata to Navarette should be nominated for the Guiness Book of World Records for most time to build a road. Any section of it would do, I suppose.

The "light bar" will eventually get you into trouble as I understand it.

I also understand there will be big problems with electricity soon in Santiago. I hope they don't also have dire consequences on the north coast after we just recently got 24/7 power after 15 years of waiting. Sounds bad for some parts of the country and especially Santiago.


Jul 9, 2009
I mean, why especially Santiago? Cannot find information specifying Santiago, Apagones and October I see the articles.