Banco Popular JetBlue Card


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Jan 20, 2003
This might be of interest to expats. Banco Popular has a Jetblue credit card.m that allows you to collect TrueBlue points on your purchases. This could be rather convenient for people that use Jetblue to fly to the USA.

Even though this is a Mastercard and a credit card, Dominican credit cards are best used as charge cards. That is pay the full balance every month rather than pay the interest. Its safer to use a credit card and not have to deal with cash in many businesses. Since this is a separate Dominican card, you can keep your American card safe and sound knowing that the number of your American card is registered all over the place with the high rate of identity fraud and credit card number stolen in the DR.

If you travel much via Jetblue, you might want to look into this offer.

More info (in Spanish):