Barcelo Decameron - Juan Dolio


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Nov 27, 2002
Does anyone know if this hotel is still around or whether it has changed hands? I had heard that the Barcelo lease of the buildings was expiring and after all of the complaints about this hotel (just read the reviews on Debbie's Dominican site!), it was looking like time for a change. Is it now part of the Amhsa chain?


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Mar 2, 2002
Sign says Barcelo........

Haven't heard about a sell-out.....doesn't mean there hasn't been one tho'!;)
Have heard the quality of the hotel has gone down but it was having problems even before Barcelo took over.
That's it -that's all I don't know anything more!!


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Apr 15, 2002

I spoke to the Decameron today. They are still open, however, Barcelo is no longer is part of the hotel. They are now simply "Decameron Beach Resort and Casino." I am going back next month for my 5th time. I love the Decameron. Admittedly, they are not as luxurious as some of the other resorts in Juan Dolio. But I think I get a very good value for the inexpensive prices they charge. The only complaint I have ever had with them is that the furniture in the rooms is a little run down. But everything else about them more than makes up for the furniture. I don't stay in the room much anyway. The cleaning staff is good. The food is adequate. The pool and beach are kept clean. The staff is very friendly and helpful. And the animation team and the entertainment is pretty good. Also, the Decameron has one and two bedroom apartments. The room I always stay in has two bedrooms, a nice sized living room and a big balcony. To my knowedlge, the other resorts in Juan Dolio don't offer rooms this large.

It has been my experience that if you make some attempt at speaking Spanish to the staff and tip the reception, cleaning staff and bartenders a little bit, you get treated very well.

If it's luxurious accommodations and getting waited on hand and foot you want, you can always go somewhere else and pay a lot more money.

This is not meant to be an advertisement for the Decameron. I just think they get a bad rap from people who probably wouldn't be happy anywhere they went. Just thought I'd offer a different perspective.


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Oct 30, 2002

Hi there;
Well, I stayed at the decameron last March and absolutely loved the place!!! It was the vacation of a life time, the rooms are not the most updated and maybe the food selection is not as large as at a 5 star but I loved it and so did the two other people I was there with. I've traveled a lot and stayed at many 5 star (supposidly excellent resorts) and I'd go back to the Decameron before any of these other resorts excluding one. As the post before mine said; if your looking to be waited on hand and foot then don't go here, but if you want to have fun, relax and party it up...then this is your place. One thing I loved is that there disco is right on the beach in a little other resorts I've been to have been like this, they've all been indoors which I think is a waste of beautiful DR nights.