Barrick lobbies for new tailing dam to expand gold mining operations


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Feb 20, 2019

Barrick Gold executives are optimistic they will convince the population there are more plusses than negatives to gold mining. The company stresses the millions of dollars it has paid in tax revenues, the thousands it employs, its social programs, and its adherence to best practices in modern mining.

The Sanchez Ramirez province-based mining company has secured an expansion of its mining area, from 4,880 hectares to 7,995.47 hectares. This means the company has allocated the area where a new tailings dam would be built to continue operations into the future. The company has yet to secure the needed environmental permits.

Luis Carvajal, the very vocal environmental director for the state university UASD and the Academy of Sciences, insists the company go for a dry processing to expand its operation.

Barrick insists there are three conventional wet tailing dams...

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