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Jul 20, 2007
Hi all,

I need some help!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

My fiance and I are getting married at a resort in Cabeza De Toro in the fall and we need to go there to meet with wedding coordinators and all that fun stuff. We need to go on the weekend--Saturday to Sunday. The problem is that we don't want to incur the cost of boarding for the dog. We want to take him with us. We are hoping to find a place nearby that is safe and comfortable that we can rent for two nights. The place obviously should welcome a little dog too!!!! Safety first, above all amenities. Can someone recommend a place??



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Feb 20, 2006
Not really sure of a place to stay in Bavaro that is per friendly, but have you checked into the additional costs of a pet on an airplane? A quick check shows there are additional fees and you read them here:
Traveling With Pets | American Airlines Pet Policy On
It might be cheaper to board your pet versus all of the additional fees, in addition to possible vaccinations needed, etc. But who knows, I know I would love to bring my two dogs with us on vacations, but it is vacation...



Jan 25, 2008
Love my dog, he's my best friend, but if i were getting married on a beach...he'd be staying home.
why risk it? he will need all his vaccinations and then some, because you can count on the dogs roaming, and there are some big one, that have not been vaccinated, along with mosquitos and disease.
i'd be leaving my furry friend at home!
just witnessed a ****z zu get torn into two in Jamaica, ****z tsu was from US it was pretty sad!
good luck with whatever you decide!!
what resort in Cabeza De Toro? I've been tehre a few times


Jan 8, 2002
Please honey! Not the dog too?

Take a look at the big picture.

It is not worth the your investment of time and resources to comply with airline rules and government health regulations to bring the dog with you. You are only going to stay two nights. The weekend is for you and your fiance, not the dog.




May 22, 2004
Doggie Boarding

You live in Santo Domingo don't you? Consider boarding him with the Servican Pet Center in Naco. Calle Rafael Hern?ndez # 16-B

The cost may be worth the security you provide the dog.

If you find a hotel that allows dogs you will probably have to leave him alone at some point and then the risks kick in.

A maid from the hotel could take him home and the police would laugh at you if you complained.

He could get out and be run over or taken by any tiguere looking to sell him. Dognapping is rampant in this country.

Directions to Servican: go west on Roberto Pastoriza, pass Tiradentes , take first right on San Martin de Porres, first left on Rafael Hern?ndez; Servican is about 200 yards down on the left

They have several options. Cages in an airconditioned room or a room with a fan.

They also have an offsite property near Los Alcarrizos where a dog is housed in a fenced in area with room to run.

(809) 566-2897

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Jul 20, 2007

Sorry everyone!! I forgot to mention that I live here in Santo Domingo. I'm not vacationing!!

The problem is that I hate boarding the dog here. I have tried many places and I haven't been happy and neither has the dog. The last time we went away for the weekend, the dog stayed with my sister in law. That worked out really well, but this time around she is not available. So I REALLY need to take the dog. I'm looking for an apartment or house to rent for the weekend....not interested in a hotel really.

The wedding is going to be at Dreams!! So that's why I need to stay in the Cabeza De Toro area.