Bayahibe gets new roads in time for summer vacation peak time


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Feb 20, 2019

Tourism Minister David Collado was in Bayahibe in the East to inaugurate road improvements in the tourist destination on Monday, 17 June 2024. The works had been started in August 2023.

The Ministry of Tourism invested RD$53 million to rebuild 11 roads (3.48 km) in the municipality to strengthen Bayahíbe as a premier tourist destination in time for the boom of summer vacationers.

The roads were given a 2-inch asphalt concrete surface and parking areas paved with cobblestones. Additionally, 4,229 linear meters of curbs, inlets, and filters were built to ensure proper drainage and the long-lasting durability of the newly paved roads. The project also included the installation of horizontal and vertical signage.

The project was carried out by the Ministry of Tourism’s Tourism Zone Infrastructure Execution Committee (CEIZTUR), headed by Yaneris...

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