Belaguer Is Dead What Affect ?


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Jan 1, 2002
With the death of Beleguer today,how will that affect the country. The man was a relic left over from Trujillo and was certainly not much more than a dictator himself; even after he was ostensibly out of office he still had considerable influence so will there be change now for the better or will the country still amble slowly along full of corruption?

Just wondering.:confused: :confused:
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Jan 1, 2002
another national hero...

Well, after Pena, Bosch here comes Balaguer... However, I consider him to be the second biggest figure of the 20th century after Trujillo... And even if he was a bit of a dictator, he did pretty good for the country... Keep in mind that in order to govern dominicans, it is much better to be like a dictator, because most of them lack discipline and knowledge, and will prefer the populist ones like our prez'today...
So get ready for a national mourning of about 2 weeks, and many streets and avenues renamed after JB...


Jan 1, 2002

Yes, there will be a few, but mostly within the PRSC party, that now has no identifiable leader. There was a saying here: "Mientras Balaguer respira, nadie aspira" As long as Balaguer breathes, nobody aspires (to leadership)

Corruption has been with us for over 500 years, and it would take an extremely bloody and terror-ridden revolution for it to be wiped out. So it will not happen. We just have to lear to live with it.

In this new era of DR politics, we'll see if the aspirants of the PRD --Hatuey and his crew; Hipolito and the Santiago Group; and several others will command the party without dividing it.

The PLD will continue to preach the party line like the Maoist-Stalinists that they are-no matter what they say they are, they are indoctrinated party hacks.

The PRSC will look around for a leader, and if they find one, maybe they can constitute an electoral alliance capable of winning an election or two...Have to wait a few months to see..

Now everyone will be like Mark Anthony: ".... The good is oft enterred with their bones....