Best areas for restobar buz in SD


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Dec 15, 2008
Hello all!! I just wanted to get some input on this specific topic but I am well aware from reading previous posts that it can open up some negative aggressive replies.
I have a close friend from USA who has visited and spend lots of time in SD over the years for work and pleasure.
He now plans to make a more permanent move and possibly move towards one of his dreams. Opening a small in the city.
We are well aware that the DR is a different animal and it is tough times to start new buz anywhere, but would still appreciate feedback on following.

What would best areas for this venture. I feel Venezuela, Espana, Gascue, colonial, university zone, are best options?
Does anyone have any advice on what is missing in a typical bar here that tourists and dominicans would appreciate as not the available at existing bars.
Im referring to service, types of food, theme, demographics etc.?
And again please those who feel that this question is infringing on valuable info that must be acquired by putting in time here and figure out yourself.Please refrain from replying as he has lived and spent more time here than alot of members here as he has had the same Dom. girlfriend for may years and just would like input from fellow experienced members...Thanks in advance for replies