Best beaches in the Dominican Republic


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Sep 6, 2011
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Best beaches in the Dominican Republic

One person's beach paradise might be another person's ho hum sprawl of sand. Luckily, the Dominican Republic has a beach for every taste, from secluded strands of powder white to local beaches where the rhythms of merengue mix with the sounds of motorcycle taxis. No matter where you decide to vacation in the DR, chances are you'll be within minutes of a world-class beach.

Punta Cana Beach

Punta Cana is the DR's vacation powerhouse, with fully 10 Atlantic Ocean beaches lined with scores of all-inclusive resorts. The granddaddy of them all is Punta Cana Beach, where resort guests can stroll along miles of golden sand. All-inclusive resort guests also have complimentary access to their resort's non-motorized water-sports equipment ? everything from snorkel and fins to kayaks and windsurfing gear.

Macao Beach

This Punta Cana beach has the distinction of being singled out by UNESCO as one of the best in the Caribbean. With good surf, ideal for beginners, the onsite Macao Surf Camp offers lessons.

Beaches of Cayo Levantado

It takes extra effort to reach Saman?. And then another burst of energy to get to the island called Cayo Levantado. Beach lovers will find the effort worth it, where they'll enjoy a gorgeous beach surrounded by lush tropical forest. Whale watching excursions can be booked January through March.

Playa Rinc?n

Also in Saman?, Playa Rinc?n is a dazzling beach surrounded by jungle greenery and fringed with coconut palms. This is a secluded paradise so don't expect a lot of water-sports hoopla. There are a couple of modest beachfront restaurants serving hot seafood and cold beer.

Playa Dorada

Stretching out along the northern coast, convenient to the city charms of Puerto Plata, lies Playa Dorada. This is a resort beach experience, with the customary all-inclusive bells and whistles. Roll out of your room and hit the buffet, the swim-up pool bar, and the sun and sand.

Sosua Beach

No one is going to claim Sosua Beach is the DR's most beautiful, but it's within walking distance of the town's hotels, making Sosua a good choice for a traveler in search of a beach/city combo. The U-shaped beach is popular with locals and is lined with snack stands and souvenir shops.


This laid-back surf town on the country's northern shore is squarely on the map for one reason ? it has the best windsurfing and kiteboarding conditions in the Caribbean. Cabarete has lots of moderately priced hotels, making it a budget alternative to the mega-resorts in more luxe areas of the country.

Playa Boca Chica

If you're in the capital city of Santo Domingo on business or pleasure, Playa Boca Chica will be your handy beach getaway, only 20 minutes from the metropolis. Boca Chica is popular with locals, giving it a flavor all its own. The palm-fringed beach hums with life and is lined with cheap eateries and beach bars blasting merengue and bachata.

Juan Dolio

The second major beach west out of Santo Domingo, Juan Dolio is a tad more sophisticated than Boca Chica. Some 30 miles from the capital makes it close enough for a day trip, although there are plenty of first-rate beachfront resorts for overnight stays.

Eagle Bay Beach

Adventurous types will want to head in the opposite direction of most tourists, to Pedernales in the DR's western region. Tourism barely exists here and the beaches remain pristine and secluded. Eagle Bay Beach is the region's standout, with five miles of white sand and crystal clear waters. There are no facilities on the beach, so pack in everything you'll need for the day. If you're driving to the beach, you'll need a four-wheel-drive vehicle. You can also hire a small boat at Cabo Roja ? about a 10-minute trip.