Best Chicken Wings in the DR

What place have the best chicken wings in the DR?

  • Pica Pollo (name the place)

  • Pollos Victorina

  • Pollo Rey

  • Jade Teriyaki

  • Provocón

  • La Plaza del Pollo

  • KFC

  • Other place

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Nov 8, 2012
I get the food club chicken wing sauce at Jumbo, It's fantastic. I know food club, but trust me try it


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Feb 16, 2021
Certain flavors are good. Like Cajun and Sweet Chili
But quality seems to have gone down hill even as their as prices have gone up
And they may have their reason for no longer accepting credit cards but it sure limits you if you want to take a large group of friends there as a treat.
And they no longer serve Peroni beer ! - this cut my trips there to 1/4 of what it was once before
I can also attest to this. Or rather the quality is inconsistent (as with so many other things in this country).
And such a shame that they have increased their prices 100% during the past 2 years. Just before the pandemic you could get 50 wings for 550 pesos (tax included). Now the same amount 1100 pesos + taxes (only ITBIS though).
During the pandemic we used to order at least every second week as it was one of the few places that was actually affordable, unless you wanted comedor food.
Now with the prices I've not eaten there in the past 2 months.

Still my favorite place for Wings as they have such a great variety of sauces.
My favorites are Hot Buffalo, Hot Habanero or Hot Korean BBQ. They are SPICY!
My wife and Kids who cannot tolerate spicy food they prefer the Lemon pepper ones.
For the credit card, they have never accepted anything other than cash (and I've been going there since like 6 months after they first opened).