Best coffee in DR


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Apr 1, 2014
For example, the coffee that Mrs. CB's family grows is absolutely top drawer. And there is an exclusive coffee shop here in Santiago called "El Extraño José" that sells beans from Neiba (they say Barahona, but they are from Neiba) and from the Jarabacoa factory of the Ramirez group.

The coffee shop at HOMS belongs to a coffee family that has its farm up in Juncalito, to the south of Santiago Province in the high foothills of the Central Mountains. They also sell beans.

HB, my good friend, great to see you weighing in on Dominican coffee. Yes, you sure do have good coffee! And these are two great tips! I've made the trek to Juncalito, just to get the coffee there, so HOMS is a lot more convenient! And I can't wait to check out El Extraño Josè! To think, I've driven by there numerous times and didn't notice it.

In my last trip to DR, I took a tour of the Ramirez factory. Well worth it, especially if you are in Jarabacoa. I bought the organic whole bean, which is unavailable in the stores. What a difference! I'm also a fan of D'Sabaneta Cafè, which is also organic, but hard to find. The only place I've seen it is in the roadside casabe stands on the way to Sajoma.

For those in the States, who are craving some Dominican coffee, give Vermont Coffee Company a try. They sell a Cafè Dominicano; I like the "Dos" variety. Allegedly, they get their coffee from Ramirez and roast it in Vermont.... I'll take mine black, thank you.
El Extraño Josè here in Santiago?
Never heard of it but (according to our
good friend googlemaps) I've been past their
location on Av.Vidal too many times to
count. Will give it a try on Saturday if they
are open.


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Oct 10, 2002
Monte Alto from the Ramirez farm in Jarabacoa still my local favorite. Best?? Don't know I just like it.