Best route from 27 charcos to Santo Domingo?


Dec 12, 2018
Hi all,

We are coming to DR for the first time in a month and renting an SUV. I have 3 route/driving questions that I would love your input on:

1) We arrive at SDQ at 5am and head up to Las Galeras that day. I understand I should look for the new highway that heads toward Samana from the airport. If we wanted to stop at Boca Chica for breakfast/to have a look around before heading up towards Samana, is that possible? Or will that add considerably to the trip due to the entrance ramp for the new highway?

2) Our flight departs from SDQ on our final day at 11am. The day before, we are planning to drive from 27 charcos to Santo Domingo and have dinner and stay in the city in the city to get a little feel for it. It seems we would want to take Route 1 through the center of the country rather than going back all the way we came - is this incorrect? I would strongly prefer to take a new route, and the interior route looks shorter on the map, but I have been reading that driving in DR may not be what it seems, so I would appreciate your input.

3) We fly out from SDQ on a Monday at 11am and have just carry-on backpacks. If we are staying in Santo Domingo the night before, at what time should we head to the airport to make our flight? E.g., will traffic be pretty terrible at that time?

Thanks in advance!


Nov 18, 2002
1. The entrance to the highway to las galeras is in the other direction from Sdq than boca chica, it will add to your trip, though not that much. Boca chica is about 10 minutes from the airport eastward and the entrance to the highway is 10 minutes from the airport westward.

2. From los 27 charcos to Santo Domingo you should definitely take route 1 (first go around Santiago and then down south to Santo Domingo. It’s a nice drive though I personally I don’t like it at night, many cars , trucks and motors without light or people crossing the highway.

3. Traffic out the city isn’t that bad in the morning, but what time you should leave depends on where you are located in the city. Once on 27 de febrero it takes you about half an hour to get to the airport.