Best way to travel from Punta Cana to Puerto Plata


Jun 16, 2005
What is the best way to travel from Punta Cana to Puerto Plata and how long will it take?
I do not like to rent a car, but I have no idea about the bus connections or other options.
So all info is very welcome :)


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Jun 25, 2019
I would suggest that if you can get a flight to Puerto Plata you do that. You'll lose a day or even two days each way and it is not an easy journey at all, especially with luggage.
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Apr 11, 2004
Definitely a "Penny wise, pound foolish" situation.
Haha, absolutely right. An example. A friend of mine living in Santiago was going to Vegas a few weeks ago. Of course the prices from PUJ were a lot better than STI. So he comes to PC. I take care of his car and take him to and from the airport. When it is all over he figures out that it would have actually been not only a lot easier, but also cheaper when factoring in all expenses to bite the bullet and go from STI...........

But maybe STI is a good option for this person.

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Apr 10, 2022
Here and there
Once upon a time, perhaps end of December 2005, I made the trip landing in PUJ late afternoon, almost evening, taking a cab to Higuey and staying overnight there. Up before dawn to get to the bus terminal for a 5:00 AM bus to The Capital. Then another taxi to Caribe Tours and a bus to Los Charamicos then a moto or taxi, I can't recall which, to Rocky's... for the New Year's Eve party. I arrived at 1:18 PM hours earlier than I was told it was even possible. It was not an easy journey and I would neither recommend it, nor do it again! :D

There was not enough time to reverse the trip, nor any inclination on my part, so I arranged to take a 10 seater turboprop from POP to PUJ very early in the morning the day of my return flight. It was $119 plus tax and was a short hop, 1 hour in the air. I then had a few hours to kill and PUJ was not a bad place to do it, at least back then.

My advice to all is fly into the airport closest to your destination. Any money you save will come at high cost for the inconvenience and wasted time, as well as the cost of transport. It's simply not worth it in most cases. In this case, if the OP insists on flying into PUJ then I'd highly recommend sucking it up and paying for a taxi. It'll be a few hundred USD more or less but worth it.
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