Big Circus Show in Higuey!


May 23, 2005
As some of you know i run a artistic entertainment company here and the most successful part of that is The Circus of Dreams show which has been running for 5 years now. Some of my fellow DR1ers have expressed an interest in the past to see our show so i thought i should let you know that we are having our first big show open to the public on the 15th and 16th of October in Higuey at the large multi Uso.

The show will run for 90 mins and we have some international artists also taking part from Cuba, New Zealand and Argentina too but the main body is Dominican. We are starting in Higuey as many of our performers are from this area and i live there and we want to show some of the locals and friends and family what we are all about.

Any support from DR1 would be fantastic as this is a huge step for us and alot of hard work has gone into it. Tickets and more information are available on this number 809 397 1782.

Now i realize Cirque du Soleil will be here at the end of October and i will be one of the many going to see it, but please try if you can to make our event as this is a true Dominican affair and we want to celebrate these artists and i think you will be pleasantly surprised at what we can do!

If the admins consider this to much of an advertisement please feel free to delete, but this is not just about business for me but also a chance to show the locals that these young dominicans are doing something amazing and positive in a country where there is not a huge amount of oppurtunities for the youngsters.

Thanks for the support!

Criss Colon

Jan 2, 2002
Best of luck!

And don't forget,if you run short of "Clowns",we have a huge number always available here on "DR1"!


The Way Life Should Be...
Jun 23, 2002
I would really like to attend! Let me see if I can get some other local teachers in on it too. Thanks for the info. It should go on DR1's calendar.


May 23, 2005
Thanks for the positive response peeps!!

If this works and i prey to the man upstairs it does we will do the same in La Romana, San Pedro and eventually Santo Domingo! We have a facebook page The Circus of Dreams | Facebook if you want to stay updated with regards to future shows!

My team is really hyped up and cant wait to show the public what they do...and this isnt a bunch of clowns they have been trained well and can compete with the best out there. We have been showing to tourists for the last 5 years and allthough we have done alot of private weddings and corporate events very little is known about us really.

If ok with admin i will post some photos after the event, but feel free to PM me of you want me to reserve tickets for those of you in Punta Cana, I wouldnt usually do it but i appreciate the support from DR1.



Mar 29, 2010
Hi L.J.,
As it turns out our (short) trip to D.R. / P.C. to close on our condo will be this weekend, 14th - 17th. I can't promise we'll be able to make it to Higuey for the show, since we'll be somewhat at the mercy of coordinating several schedules, (lawyer, developer, agent, ours); but if we can, we'd love to see the show. Will tickets be available at the door? OR only purchase in advance?

As they say in show-biz.... "Break a leg!" :)