Blood Needed- O- or B-

william webster

Jan 16, 2009
Hello everyone,

My friend who works in the Canadian Embassy in Punta Cana has informed me that a Canadien is in need of a surgery following an accident but there is not enough blood for them to start the surgery as he is of B- type. They need 10 pints but only have 1.

They are looking for anyone who is willing to donate blood that is O- or B-. ...

His name is Michael. He had an accident and fell from a 4th floor of a Building.
he is in : Centro Medico Punta Cana
Numbers to call : (829) 717-1470 or (849) 362-0872

Thank you in advance. Please share with anyone you know in the Punta Cana area.

PS. I do not personally know the person and have never met them but having an O- baby, I hope that one day she will receive the same type of help if needed.
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