Boca Chica beach vendors hard hit by beach surf


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Feb 20, 2019

Businesses and boat docks in Boca Chica, about half an hour east of the capital city, saw damages caused by the intense winds, rains and surf that came with Hurricane Beryl.

Several commercial beach stations were partially or completely destroyed.

El Dia reported that at Marina ZarPar’s docks, which specializes in boat rentals in this district, all of their piers were damaged by the strong waves. “Now we have to start from scratch to rebuild all those docks because not a single one was left intact,” said Adalberto Rosario, who handles various tasks at the marina. Workers were seen removing the boards that were destroyed by the heavy overnight waves.

Other businesses catering food and beverages also suffered, as the waves destroyed the boards they use to shield their patrons when they come to eat or drink by the seaside.

“I’ve been seeing storms and...

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