Boca Chica Photo Shoot Questions?



Hello everyone,

It never ceases to amaze me that I can plan a vacation getaway and still want to bring a crate load of camera gear :)

I'm interested in shooting some female models (swimsuit, fashion, glamour, etc.) while I'm down there in December.

This is my first time visiting DR and it's an ambitious act to try to get models together in such short notice not knowing a soul there.

Usually I would just approach someone and let them know my intentions to do a shoot and show them my portfolio to establish that I'm serious and not some nut.

In this case I've got language as a possible barrier and not much more coming down with me but a few business cards and at least some of my photo gear.

1) Is there a forum on the net that I can post to solicit women in DR for a shoot?

2) How (considering cultural etiquette) should I approach women on the street?

3) Is there any age restriction on taking pictures (none in the states unless dealing with nudes and that's not my focus for this trip)?

4) Is it dangerous business to carry around some of my camera gear to catch some impromptu pictures?

5) Last but not least, I usually have models sign a model release (the legal language is very fair for both parties, photographer and model). Would that be a barrier? Should I carry a spanish translated version as well?

I know this is a lot but I'd appreciate any help you can offer.

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Jan 2, 2002
Boca might be a great place to shoot, but probably not the best place to find models. Are you looking for pros or just nice looking subjects?

I will be in the DR from december 3rd till january 27th and am much more of a Video guy. I speak enough spanish for almost any situation and would be willing to help out if you need it.

Have you ever been to Boca before? How much spanish do you speak?

My girlfriend might even know some potential candidates.

Email me at if you have any specific questions.


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Apr 28, 2002
Re: Photo Shoot

I just did a photo shoot in August for my cosmetic line. The probably I found were the beaches. The beaches closes to the city were filthy. I would suggest that you go as far out as possible. The beaches on the north coast are beautiful. If we had time, I would have suggested that we travel. The were other areas near the city that is not considered a beach. But they were filled with rocks. Too danggerous to have your crew and model. We found a place near Juan dolio.. It was a private beach. It worked it out well. As for the model, I would suggest that you make sure she signs a release form before she takes the photo. You don't want to run into any problems down the line. I'm certain you know this. I went to the modeling agencies. they were a rip-off. It was too many limitations.. For example, Barbizon told me that if I wanted to use the photo for a billboard, it was an extra fee. I could I only use the photo for six months. After a few months, it was an extra fee. Of course in DR, there are beautiful women all over the place. However, the problem I ran into was that because a person is beautiful. Does not mean that she is photogenic. If you have the time scout than that's wonderful. It would be awful to spend money time taking pictures and the pictures come out awful. I'm a perfectionist. So I wanted a professional. So that I could have professional results.... My photos are beautiful.. I wish you luck.....