Body Shop gym shuts down Punta Cana and Arroyo Hondo clubs


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Feb 20, 2019

They tried. The largest and most modern gym in the Dominican Republic, Body Shop announced it is shutting down its Punta Cana and Arroyo Hondo branches. The gym could not sustain more losses. The clubs have been closed since middle of March with the start of the Covid-19 epidemic spread. The Punta Cana venture was the company’s newest gym.

The Body Shop hopes to reopen its main facility in Naco, Bella Vista and the Santiago facility at the PUCMM university once they get green light by the government health authorities.

Gyms had prepared to open in July, making heavy investments to ensure safety of staff and patrons. But less than a week after they reopened, the government ordered they close again.

Anthony Bernal told El Nuevo Diario that 149 staff persons are losing their jobs.

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