Breaking down barriers as a Dominican American baseball coach in Florida


Feb 27, 2004
Dear Dr1's once in awhile is a good thing to report advancement from People, within our community, so for starters here's one of them, in orlando several Dominican coaches including myself have formed the first independent latino/ dominican baseball league in this cities history, also our all Dominican/American travel team has won two championship tournaments, one for triple crown in Orlando an another in Cocoa beach...this is a first in the history of these organizations, trust me if you know anything about the travel ball community teams are 98% dominated by the caucasian community it's been hard without major sponsors, but these kids have made a major contribution to the community, and in closing congrats... to Danny Martinez from los mina's team and the delfines del mar organization for being the first team ever from D.R. to participate in the USSSA world series for 16 under we were able to raise money for there travels and twisted some arms for there hotel stay and transportation the kids enjoyed disney world and epcot and had an experience of a life time we will be bringing more kids back!!, they did not win it all.. but the kids represented themselves real well..we have a long way to go...but we need all of you guys to support these efforts...we are breaking down barriers where Dominicans are normally not invited...if you have a talented dominican athlete with good baseball skills let us know, right now we are working on expanding our program in Georgia so stay tune!


Jan 1, 2002
Well done Daddy1 !!! Congratulations on your efforts.
Can you give us the age groups>??