Breaking the Law - Dominican Style


Jan 12, 2006
Looks like even the Dominicans can't get away with breaking the laws of physics.

Too many heavy cables and "tension" at a 90 degree angle on the high tension pole. :chinese:
Ok Jose, tighten those cables just a little bit more!
Looks like SOMEBODY(EdeNorte) forgot to put a support wire on the pole.
Someone should teach them about "leverage".

This appears to be purely a violation of physics,
... as there were no marks on the pole from being hit by a vehicle.

The poles on both sides further up the street were also cracked and appeared to be kept from breaking solely from support of the electric wires. I looked at them up close and decided it was best to move away from the other poles.

Needless to say, traffic in Zona Franca area was a little tied up this morning.

AMET had a detour set up with traffic cones, and of course, one Dominican Public car driver assumed this did not apply to him and decided to ignore the detour turn. AMET gave him the royal arse chewing.

I could see the drivers point of view, after all, the street ahead of him was empty. :confused: lol
He was trying to go the opposite direction of the cars in the pictures.