Breast nodule


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Aug 6, 2011
Please can someone help

A friend of mine female has been diagnosed with a breast nodule. She says it isn't cancerous, but she says she needs an operation. For the record she has not asked me for money to pay for it.

Can someone tell me ( i assume to have the nodule removed) what would an operation like this cost?
who is the best DR Doctor to perform this operation??

i don't mind helping her, i just dont want the DR as soon as he sees this big assed white guy to jack up the price because he thinks i can pay.
i just found out an hour ago so i may have some specific information tomorrow regarding the procedure to be performed



Oct 26, 2004
Cost would depend on several things. Firstly, where the surgery is performed. I am assuming your lady friend is planning to undergo surgery in a private facility?? Would it be day surgery or would it require admission. If things go well, great, but if there are complications, more $$$.
Has she had a biopsy to establish the lesion is in fact benign? She may be better off getting another opinion before opting for surgery.