Bus / guagua LT to Punta Cana


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Jan 4, 2003
I will probably have to catch a flight tomorrow from Punta Cana the German government organizes to bring back its citizens. I am currently in Las Terrenas.
Does anyone have intel about the current bus / guagua situation? Are they going as normal?


Apr 29, 2014
Do not miss that flight. If you have the money get a reliable taxi and head from where you are straight to the airport. You do not want to be late, you do not want to be on a bus full of potentially sick people and you probably should try to avoid contact with as many people as possible along the way.

If you have to take the bus. Give yourself lots of time. Video of traffic in Santo Domingo looks pretty good, in fact I can see concrete streets where normally there is just endless numbers of vehicles. Enhanced procedures at the airport may take longer than usual even with fewer people there to get on a flight.

Depending on the departure time, you might consider traveling to PUJ the day before just to be sure. You definitely do not want to be on a guagua.

The buses are running. Bus schedules are supposed to be unaffected at the moment, but you need to confirm that for yourself as it is not uncommon for buses to be cancelled when there is not enough people to fill one or other circumstances arise.

Good luck.

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Jan 16, 2009
LT to the south end of the toll road.... Caribe Tours depot

Change to PC bus....

Check Caribe tours schedule


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Apr 12, 2019
Does anyone know for a fact that Expreso Bavaro stops at the Samana crossing en route to PUJ?

Santo Domingo Station 1

Santo Domingo Station 2

Punta Cana airport

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Ifa Villas Bávaro

Grand Palladium Hotel

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Bavaro Square

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Bávaro-Punta Cana Station 2

Bávaro-Punta Cana Station 1
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Dec 9, 2002
That means it doesn't stop at the end of the Samaná highway - no stops between Santo Domingo Station 2 (Parque Enriquillo) and Punta Cana Airport. So the OP would be advised to take the bus from LT to SD and then go to Santo Domingo Station 1 (Calle Sánchez Ramírez casi esquina Máximo Gómez) to get the Expreso Bávaro to PUJ.