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Jan 5, 2002
This will be our first time in the D.R. in Feb. and we would like to see Santa Domingo. We are quite happy to grab a bus and go on our own. Is this possible from the Punta Cana area ? If so what would be the cost ?



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Jan 1, 2002
Bus or Taxi

Check out my reply to dkurtz above, about the advantages (pros and cons)of bus versus Taxi, The answer to your question....how much....very reasonable....around 10 bucks (CAD)But the other way(by Taxi)you'll get to see and stop and check things out much more and I believe you'll get more out of your trip as well. Also if it is your first time to the Island you might want to stop at Bayahibe, Juan Dolio, San Pedro (<>) Boca Chica, and see different parts of the island for maybe a return visit to a different part of the island when you come back to visit the island next yr! (As I'm sure you will!) Take Care and remember to post your trip back on here, with the costs of things you did and how you liked the different things you did! Have Fun!!!!


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Jan 1, 2002
If you only want to spend a day in Santo Domingo you can try the trip by bus by your own.
Of course you can take the trip organisated by your tour operator, but you should expect to pay at least 55 USD per person. It's a quick visit... Not for me.
But if you prefer to go by yourself, it's posible to do it.
Well, from Punta Cana, you can take a express bus without stops. Check this link:

If you don't speak spanish, feel free to email me. I suggest you take the bus at 7 AM. You will be in SD at 10 AM (more or less, it depends on SD traffic, which is quite problematic...).
You should be able to walk around Colonial Zone, stop wherever you want, have a Presidente at Calle el Conde, and also, take a taxi and perhaps visit el Faro a Colon or Los Tres Ojos (if you don't have enough time, don't worry, Colonial Zone it's worth it).

You can take the direct bus from SD to Bavaro at 4 PM (quite early, I think). So, perhaps you would prefer to take the bus to Higuey (the bus stop is in Parque Enriquillo), and I don't know exactly at what time is the last bus, but I suppose not early than 7 PM. From Higuey you can take a guagua to Punta Cana (last bus: 9.30 PM...).

Express Bus Punta Cana-SD: 125 pesos (you should also take a taxi from your resort to the bus stop in Punta Cana, the price depends on which hotel you are).
Bus SD-Higuey: About 75 pesos.
Bus Higuey- Punta Cana: 20 pesos.
(prices per person, each trip).

Well, If you choose this option, I hope you speak a bit of spanish, ...

Don't doubt to email me if you need more info, phones or something like that, ok?
I will put in my web page photos from my last trip in SD. Check it in the next days.
(And excuseme from my mistakes in English...)

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