Businesses authorized to open until 11pm from now until new notice


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Feb 20, 2019

The government confirms the start of phase three of the thawing of lockdown, with businesses allowed to remain open until 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The curfew already allowed businesses to remain open Monday to Friday until 11pm. There is a two-hour grace period, from 11pm to 1am for people to get home. The extension of opening hours to weekends is a relief for restaurants and bars. Alcoholic beverages can now be sold during the authorized opening hours. As of Wednesday, 21 July 2021, the new schedule is in effect.

The measures are taken as the national 4-week positivity rate is 12.14%, down from the previous day. The 24-hour positivity for the 19 July 2021 deadline of Covid-19 Bulletin #488 is 9.73%, down from the day before, and dropping below 10% for the first time this year.

The number of reported active Covid-cases again has declined and was reported to be...

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