Buy a Calling Card for Use Calling within la RD


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Jun 28, 2013
Wildcard request here. No sleep lost if no alternatives, but figured here's the try.

Are there are websites in the US (or an RD-based one where a US credit card can be used) where I can buy a calling card that someone living in la RD can use to call within the country? Trying to find an easy gift for my novia's sister who would really value a calling card to be able to use to call her family that lives in La Capital (she can't use her cell for in-country long distance - don't ask I don't know why). I won't have the luxury of hunting for a card when I arrive, so while time won't stop if I cannot give it as a gift when I first see her, having in in tow would be the preference.

Perhaps there might be a vending machine or kiosk at the airport in Santiago?


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