Buying a car?


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Sep 4, 2002

We?re thinking about buying a car and I looking for information. Now with the high prices of fuel and so on, what kind of car would be a good buy? Looking for a jeep or pickup, used but still in good contidion, have any tips about where to look (we live in Cabarete), moca? Std?
Please help to find a good deal!


Apr 4, 2002
Where to buy

My friends and I have purchased a combined 20 to 25 cars from Espaillat Motors in Moca. They are honourable, have a big selection and will treat you fairly and stand behind their product. Generally speaking, after shopping the lot properly, we have found that the prices are approx. the same as the Kelly blue book value in the States or around 10% more.
You are welcome to contact me if I can help to facilitate it for you.
Regards, Marco.


Aug 11, 2002
Escott said:
Marco gets a 10% commission from these people! LOL

pick one.........SUV-pick up, use more gas, go over all the bumps and holes,,,,,,,OR,,,,,, small japanese car, less gas, go around bumps and holes.........i have done both and cannot arrive at a preference........i have driven small cars down donkey paths and across rivers in this country........right now i use a SUV because my Dominican wife has nine brothers and sisters, and too many nieces, nephews, cousins,etc. to count...........i can seat seven in a corolla,,,,,,,if you get a pick-up can you help me move?........................the only "must have" that i can think of is good air-conditioning that comes with a good guarantee.........EOM


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Aug 15, 2003
only 10% - worth every penny !!

Hi - Bought my car from there with this help from Marco when I arrived back in November - it was invaluable - and he has a tried and tested method for you to arrive at the right decision.!!

With all the vehicles on the lot its Sooo easy to get caught up in the "oh, its only $xxxxxxx more than i was going to pay ...... "

Had an isuzu rodeo (suv type) - a couple of grand under book in the US which was good. Its been a great buy - the driver of it has been a bit naff at times !! but I'm getting better now - everyone drives on the wrong side of the road here (if that?s not an invite for an *** kicking I don't know what is!)

The guys at Moca were very helpful - did all the paperwork etc.

Certainly recommended


Jul 3, 2002
Whatever you do, don't buy a used car from Ochoa in Santiago. The 2000 Mitsubishi Montero I bought there in 2001, worked for 40 days before the engine head cracked without warning. Even though I had checked the oil when buying, somehow it ran out of oil not too far after. I had to buy a new engine for it (which also blew because the company that installed the 2nd engine did not connect the water cooling hose properly and did not attach the temperature gauges). I am now installing the 3rd engine in the car. Anybody wanna buy a car? LOL