Cabarete / Sosua External Hard Drive Repair? Any ideas?


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Jun 4, 2007
Hello everybody. Well, while trying to enjoy a Top Gear episode tonight, our external hard drive decided to die right as the Lambourghini LP560 and Porsche GT2 were head to head in a drag race. LOL

Actually, it's not that funny now because we can't even get the drive to boot up long enough to grab any of our files off it. That's over 500GB of movies and TV series potentially lost (argh!). It's a Simpletech 1TB external hard drive that powers on (red led light goes on) and the blue lights on top flash for maybe 10 seconds and then nothing....sometimes a kind of grinding noise, or a skipping noise like it's trying to read the disc but then it stops - not even a hum.

So....question is: Does anybody know of a computer shop or individual in the Cabarete / Sosua area that could grab our data off it? It's not important enough to pay big bucks to send it off to a data recovery service back in the States, but I'd pay a local shop or person to get the data transferred to another external drive or my laptop.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Mike 'n Amy