Cabo Enga?o beache(s)


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Oct 6, 2008
Just to shed some light on the questions about Cabo Enga?o's beaches in the "Investing In Bavaro" thread… A few years back I explored this area thoroughly looking for places to stand up paddle. Here's what I found.

Coming from the airport, when you reach the place where you'd turn left to Veron, turn right to go to Cabo Enga?o. This paved road runs to the coast. Follow straight to end where it turns left (to the right you can see Corales golf course). This is the start of Cabo Enga?o. This stretch is all rocky coast and rough deep blue water.

Follow dirt road you'll see an abandoned resort ahead. There are a couple of ways through and around the resort. See on googleEarth 18?35'25.32"N 68?19'33.43"W FYI at these coords the sand can be deep in places, we didn't risk getting stuck with our heavy vehicle so we walked from here. Although later we saw many old pickup trucks that had passed the deep sand without trouble. In front of the abandoned resort there is a swimmable sandy beach area, nice and sheltered on the right side, popular with locals on the weekends.

Continuing along the coastal path, dried up lagoon on left (Laguna Mala Punta), you'll come to small headland, this is the furthest point East in the Dominican Republic. Another nice sandy beach on the northern side of it.

Further along is the crescent shaped cove/beach Chririmoya mentioned. It's a lovely sandy beach, the water is fine for swimming although there are a lot of large stones and boulders in places. On the few times we went there wasn't much surf but I can imagine it will be rough if the surf is up. Very popular spot with fishermen. Inland there is a private house. Later we tried to drive to the house to access the beach but they've fenced off the whole beach access area.

From the crescent beach walking north it's just under 1.5 miles to the public beach access area near Catalonia Resorts in Cabeza de Toro. Here there was a guard hut and barrier stopping vehicles entering the coastal path, probably something to do with the now defunct Punta Perla project. If you can get passed the guard then it's easier to drive to the crescent beach from this end.

The coastal path runs pretty much all the way around the island. I guess it was the original "road". Would be fun to explore on a dirt bike.

bring your own beach umbrella as there is little to no shade on these beaches.
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Dec 9, 2002
We explored that area yesterday, taking the road to Cabeza de Toro and turning right to take the road that goes to the service entrance of the Catalonia hotel. It is mostly unpaved but not too bad. When you reach the coast there is a small crafts market. Turn right and there is a guard and a rope barrier. You have to persuade him to let you through - his parting shot was "don't let me find out you've been using GPS to measure the land". This is probably to do with disgruntled investors in the Punta Perla project - famously inaugurated by President Fern?ndez and the Prince of Monaco back in 2008 (?) - only to fizzle out for lack of funds and land title issues.

We drove until Cabo Enga?o and saw the marker, then drove on to the crescent beach - there are two abandoned villas right behind it. As there were already some people there we decided to drive back to another beach we noticed on the way, between Cabo Enga?o and the Punta Perla barrier. It was a nice enough beach for relaxing, dipping in the sea, strolling and pottering around the shore with all the rock pools, the kids had a good time fishing (or feeding the fish) and spotting marine life - they saw sea urchins, stingrays and sea snakes.

I was told it is not so easy to reach from the airport side any more, so we didn't even try.