Apr 1, 2014
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Does anyone else use callingmart? It is so easy to add minutes to any cell phone in the DR. But I did notice they do not give you as good exchange rate. I guess they make some of their profit because they give you 38 to 1 instead of 43 to one exchange rate for the US dollar. Unless there is a way to pay in pesos. But it is easy and fast. I can add minutes, pay with paypal and the minutes are send over quickly.

I think they first time you it it takes a little longer. The require a contact number on your paypal payment. I use Claro so at least with Claro it works.
Aug 6, 2006
I use both Nobel and Rebtel. The latter gives you a US number so you only have to dial 10 digits. For Nobel you must dial Nobel, then a 10 digit pin, then 1 + the number of your party, for a total of 31 digits. The rates are pretty good, but in both cases, you can get cut off unexpectedly for no reason at all. I am calling Barahona, and perhaps the cutoffs are because of poor connections to that city.

Rates are higher for both companies if you are calling to a cellphone number.
I use both services because on some occasions, I could not reconnect using the first company, but the second company will connect. I have no idea why this is.