Can the Dominican Government win in court?


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Apr 1, 2014
Talk about embarrassing...

Tucano, Odebrecht and Los Tres Brazos, three notorious cases that unravel in court.

The courtrooms of the Dominican Republic have witnessed how three major cases of alleged administrative corruption, when they reach the bench in front of the disposition of the justice hammer, end in defeats of the Public Ministry by not having, according to the judges, enough validity in their tests to achieve the opinion in favor.

Odebrecht, Tucanos and Los Tres Brazos have been three recent examples of sufficiently mediatic cases, which lasted years before the courts and resulted in a favorable verdict for the release of charges against all, or most, of their defendants.

The Three Arms

As far back as yesterday, the judge of the Sixth Investigating Court of the National District issued an order of "no place" in favor of all those involved in the illegal sale of land in the Los Tres Brazos sector.

The accusation had been presented by the Public Ministry in November 2016 against 17 alleged actors in bribery, money laundering and illicit enrichment, who would have been associated, according to the accusation, to embezzle the State, selling the entire Los Tres sector at pyrrhic prices. Arms.

This Monday, June 6, the defendants were exonerated from all criminal liability under the allegation that the "MP did not deposit sufficient evidence to justify sending the defendants to trial."

In the companies, the companies Titulatec and Infepa were identified by the Public Ministry.


On December 21, 2016, the United States Department of Justice filed a complaint against an alleged corruption scheme in the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, which included 10 Latin American countries.

It was reported that in the Dominican Republic bribes of 92 million dollars had been paid to take over public works.

On December 22, the Attorney General's Office, under the command of former attorney Jean Alain Rodriguez, issued a statement in which it stated that it would begin work to prosecute those allegedly involved.

After that, on May 8 of the following year, 14 defendants were arrested, of which only six were sent to trial and, almost five years later, the First Collegiate Court of the National District convicted only two of the defendants (none for receiving bribes) and declared the other four acquitted.

Odebrecht has been one of the largest corruption cases in the recent history of Latin America, its end raised multiple questions that, rather than addressing the precision of the ruling, did so around the argument presented by the court that qualified at the time as "weak" the instrument of accusation presented by the MP.

Lack of convincing evidence, procedural steps and a proper investigation, are failures of the Public Prosecutor's Office that made it impossible to convict the "bribers".


Seven years after the start of the incriminating process against retired Major General Pedro Rafael Peña Antonio, former Minister of Defense; Colonel Carlos Piccini Núñez, former director of special projects of the Dominican Air Force (FAD); Daniel Aquino Hernández, and the companies 4D Busssines Group and Magycor, accused of receiving bribes for the purchase of eight Super Tucano aircraft, the evidence that would rule them guilty was discharged as insufficient.

The prosecuting body ruled that the aforementioned received bribes of about US$3.5 million distributed by the Brazilian Aeronautical Company (Embraer) to benefit as a supplier of eight Super Tucanos aircraft.

Magycor, one of the companies mentioned in this case, confessed before the court their responsibility before the charges of which they are accused, however the Third Collegiate Court of the National District declared them innocent considering that the evidence provided did not achieve their participation.

The seizure of these cases is attributed to the previous management of former attorney Jean Alain Rodriguez, who is now part of the so-called Operation Medusa and is serving preventive detention on behalf of accusations of embezzlement, signing multiple payment requests, among others. charges that the MP seeks to verify.

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Aug 18, 2007
Failed State! I thought things was getting better in DR but I see the BS.

No one can change the system established by Cristobal Colon over 500 years ago.