can you really bring your vehicle by ferry?


Mar 27, 2004
I was there on Vacation as usual around August and was visiting some of my friends in the Santo domingo area .I met my English friend who has been living there for some time now and asked him about a car I saw , I noticed that it had puerto rico license plates on it? I said to him whats up with that? is that car legal here ?what about the police ? he yold me that what they do is take the ferry from puerto rico and just drive right off into the ports of Santo Domingo, then he told me that he has even seen American motorcycles over there also! new york plates? he said that they travel to miami and take there bikes on the ferry from miami to puerto rico, and then take another ferry from there in miami to Santo domingo!. My question, is this at all possible to do? is it legal? wouldnt you have a problem with the police? customs? etc. I mean if you were going to be there for say a month , could you do this without problems? I tried to post this before , but I can not find the post lol but now I know and would like some honest feedback as to whats the deal


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Apr 11, 2004
There is NO ferry from Miami to Puerto Rico. There IS a ferry from Puerto Rico to the Dominican Republic. Your car must be paid for and the licence in your name in order for it to be permitted on the ferry. If your car is not yet paid for, you must get a permit from the bank or company to whom you are paying it allowing you to take it out of PR. You must buy insurance in case you have an accident in DR. Before boarding in PR, your car goes through a strict inspection for drugs, guns, and anything else illegal; upon returning to PR they do the same in DR. When you return to PR, your car must return with you. I do not know about motorcycles being permitted on the ferry.
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Aug 6, 2008
I was in Boca Chica in June and there was a Puerto Rican Motorcycle club having a reunion at the Hamaca Coral Beach Resort.

There was easily 150 motorcycles from puerto rico so I'm positive that bikes are allowed on the ferry.


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Jan 28, 2009
i'm going to study in DR and my mom has a car in PR. can i take it in a ferry to DR and keep it till i finish studying? is there a fee? is it legal to do it?