Canadian missionaries sentenced for sexual abuse of Dominican children


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Feb 20, 2019

The Second Collegiate Court of La Vega sentenced a Canadian couple for sex crimes involving children in the Dominican Republic. The case was prepared by the Unit for Comprehensive Attention to Victims of Gender, Intrafamily or Sexual Crimes of the Public Ministry of La Vega.

The case dates back to 2021 when a mother of a 9-year old found disturbing evidence in a cell phone the Canadians had gifted to her son.

As reported, 35-year old Canadians Adam Eric Pepper and his wife Tracee Lynne Plett were living in El Mirador, Jarabacoa in the central province of La Vega, Dominican Republic, working as missionaries for the Ontario-based Commission To Every Nation Canada.

When cops raided the Peppers’ home in April 2021, they seized USB flash drives, an expensive camera and accessories, high-definition recording equipment, and an...

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chico bill

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May 6, 2016
What was the evidence. Were they doing porn filming?
The guy looks a bit under fed & weird, but missionaries often do.