Cancer victim: Milka from Rockys :(


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Apr 1, 2014
Stayed at Rocky's my first weekend in Sosua back in 2012.
Both Rick (and Marco RIP) and her always treated me very well.
RIP sweetheart..
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JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
I thought she passed last month? Didn't we have a thread on her already? I must be losing it..o_O


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May 31, 2008
Hearing and reading this sad news makes me feel so powerless and more heartbroken.
Milka was a classy young lady, who gave respect and attention to all people in her sphere. Life can be SO unfair.
My Domingo, novio, died quite suddenly last December from Leukemia. Many years younger than myself... No one knows how the cycle of life and death spins.
Take a deep breath for today. And tell those you love how you feel💗


Sep 14, 2007
Yes, this happened last month. Milka was the heart and soul of Rocky's and such a lovely lady. Even whilst Rick was away she ran the business perfectly. It was very rare that you walked into Rocky' and did not see Milka there, no matter the time of day. and she had time for anyone and everyone. Sosua has lost a wonderful person.
Sadly, the bad news continues in her family as Milka's cousin, Mireya just lost her husband Hans Peter 'Nanny', one of the nicest guys I have met here in the DR whom I first met 17 years ago. Hans Peter passed away yesterday and again, he is a person that was so well known throughout the community from The Nanny Estates, to Parada El Choco, to Plan B to Taverna el Conde to the pharmacy that they have in front of the heliport by Infiniti Blu.
May both Milka and Hans Peter rest in peace.