Caribe Tours from Sosua to Boca Chica or Juan Dolio?

Ryan Smith

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Apr 9, 2003
Has anyone ever taken Caribe Tours from Santo Domingo to eiher Boca Chica or Juan Dolio. Anyone know if there is a bus or is it taxi or gua gua only? Thanks,


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Aug 27, 2003
Hi Ryan

Hey, you posted Sosua in your topic heading, and Santo Domingo in the text. Assuming you meant Sosua - Boca Chica: ??

I'll be in Boca Chica soon, before heading to Puerto Plata, so I researched the following on transportation either directly or indirectly from the DR1 website.

From what I gather, Caribe Tours operates between the main cities, and not directly from Sosua (?) so you'll first need to get to Puerto Plata:

In Puerto Plata the local taxi association will have a fare schedule, indicating how much is charged for local service and travl to Sosua, Cabarete, Samana, Santo Domingo, etc. This schedule is for the members of the association.

In addition, there are public cars, called publicos, that generally run between Puerto Plata and neighboring locations. They are quite willing to serve as taxis and will charge less than the taxi does...
*sorry, I did not attribute these quotes for my own files... apologies to the originator of quoted paragraphs! I can't remember where I found what.

Info on Publicos: (some not applicable to you, but worth reading)

Publicos are the cars with red boxes on the top that say Puerto Plata-Sosua (Puerto Plata is abreviated). The usual price is RD$15/person to Sosua, but they may increase that after 6:30 pm. I know the publicos that go toward Cabarete increase their price after 6:30 pm.

To get a publico to Sosua, you will need to walk out to the highway, cross the road, and wait for a publico to come along. Most likely he will toot when he sees you standing there, but otherwise wave him down. The normal load in a publico is 2 in front with driver and 4 in back, which is RD$90 for the car. Assuming there are just two of you, for example, you shouldn't have much trouble getting to Sosua. If you have a big group, you may have to split up because the may already have some passengers picked up in Puerto Plata.

Keep in mind that the driver has 6 seats he wants to fill, so you can have his whole car for RD$90, the back seat for RD$60, and front seat for RD$30. When my wife goes to Puerto Plata, she always pays RD$30 so she can have the front seat to herself (she has a knee problem) and is not squeezed in by another passenger. If there are two of you, you could pay RD$60 and have the back seat to yourselves. If the car comes and there is one in front and one in back, tell the driver you will pay for the back seat and he will quickly move the person in back to the front.

If you know where you want to go when you get to Sosua, ask the driver how much it will cost to go directly to that location. Otherwise you will be dropped off on the highway and have a walk of a block or two into town.

The publico starting point in Sosua for cars to Puerto Plata is in front of the fereterria next to the Texaco gas station. To keep cost down, it would be worth going there and asking driver how much it would cost to go to your hotel in Playa Dorada. Whatever it is, it will be cheaper than taking a taxi.
Puerto Plata is 4 hours from Santo Domingo. You can take a taxi from SD or a gua gua. If you're starting in BC, here're the instructions for heading east or west. This info is from:

If you want to travel to neighboring towns on the Las Americas highway, go to the Shell gas station (la bomba) and wait at the corner for a gua-gua (public bus) heading east or west.
I assume the reverse works as well, that is, heading east on las Americas from SD, you'll end up near the Shell gas station.

Here's another website with transportation info in Boca Chica:

btw... anybody... I am confused about gua guas and Publicos. Are they the same? If not, does this mean there are 3 options for local transportation everywhere (other than motoconchos and car rentals) ... taxis, Publicos, and gua guas?

Ryan, hope you were thinking Sosua-Boca Chica ... otherwise, this is more than you needed to know. :) D


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Jan 9, 2002
Caribe Tours from NOT Sosua to Boca Chica or Juan Dolio?

Ryan Smith said:
Has anyone ever taken Caribe Tours from Santo Domingo to eiher Boca Chica or Juan Dolio. Anyone know if there is a bus or is it taxi or gua gua only? Thanks,
Simple answer, no Caribe or Metro between the capital and Boca Chica or Juan Dolio which is about 20 min. East of Boca Chica.

Taxi for a resident ( or a Spanish speaking darker skinned person who can get away with looking like one) should be RD$500, gringos maybe RD$800.

Gua-gua if you can find the stop in Santo Domingo under RD$30 and it gets you to Boca Chica about 500 times a day.

From Boca Chica there are several (oodles in fact) guaguas to San Pedro where you can jump off in JD on the way.

No idea of taxi fare to JD from BC but it must be about the same as going into the capital.

Going back to SD you can catch one of the 90 gua guas per hour at the park down by the supermarket, vs. shagging it all the way to the Shell Station, although that's where Burger King is so you can get a whopper while you wait. After 10 p.m. the guagua count drops to +/- zero.

I was just thinking, it is the only park , so at the park, period. The GG's all say Expreso Boca Chica, the ones with the closed windows likely have A/C.
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