Cars - Gas Filter Warning Light

william webster

Jan 16, 2009
I have never seen this light in my life.... until now.

Gas Filter - Diesel actually - needs changing... a warning light.
IsuzuMUX -- same engine as a D-MAX

At about the same time , I get an air filter change flash..... 76,000 km

So off I go... filters...

Local mecanico isn't a problem.... can do attitude

Air filter... easy
Gas filter comes out - we look at it... a bit dirty but nothing severe

He shakes his head -- this isn't the problem
but replaces it.

Then he says - Let's check the other one

WHAT!!.. another???
Yup - under your feet.

Out it comes -- filthy !!
We put the 'not so dirty' filter #1 in there

Yes, the new one one should be there --- too late for that

He claims not many mechanics know about filter #2...
that's why it never gets changed

Problem of the warning aviso = GONE

So --
if you have a D-MAX or similar.... there are 2 filters to maintain

As an explanation
I had used a gas cleaner (Sea Foam) on one tank of gas

Must have worked and the newly scrubbed garbage from the engine clogged my filter

No complaints...
Sep 4, 2012
Most vehicles have an inline filter and an in-tank filter. Diesel engines fuel Injected might even have a third one as part of the fuel injection pump.

william webster

Jan 16, 2009
#1 was up under the hood... directly in front of the driver

#2 was under the driver's feet....

I asked about a tank filter.....
NO was the answer for this car

JD Jones

Moderator - Covid 19 in DR & North Coast
Jan 7, 2016
FWIW, I have my oil and all filters changed every 5000 km on all of my vehicles. Cheap insurance.

On my vehicles the tank filter is nothing more than a fine mesh. Not something you would change unless somebody dumped dirt in your tank.