Casa Linda in the news

chico bill

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May 6, 2016
At least Casa Linda doesn't have to pay Corraplata a mafia fee to turn on the valves for water


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Apr 24, 2019
i listened to that woman for a long as i could , 20 seconds!


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Jul 2, 2020
Wow! What they are saying is that in Casa Linda, they are taking advantage of the property owners and as native Dominicans this practice makes the country as a whole look bad in the eyes of tourists and future tourists. The people talking here are very upset because they are not treating the property owners right in any way. Some of the things they are saying that is happening at this place is for example: they are dictating who they can sell to, and at what price, who they can employ to work for them in their own homes by making people go through the Casa Linda office for anything they need. They are over charging in US Dollars and paying very little in DR Pesos. They are saying this is causing people to leave their homes and not want to return, which in turn hurts everyone in the country if people start bad mouthing the DR because of how they are being taken advantage of. The people talking here are very upset that fellow Dominicans would do this and wonder if this place is being run by foreigners?