casa linda


Dec 25, 2003
we are thinking about purchasing a property at casa linda in sosua.does anyone have information about this property in regards to safety,mangement,privacy, any comments would be helpful.




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Jun 28, 2003
check out

search the approx. 378,000 posting already done on this subject.


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Jan 1, 2002
A number of regular posters who houses there. Click search button near top of page, then type in Casa Linda so as to see all the threads in which it has been mentioned. You'll find most of the comments very positive. There is no reason why you shouldn't go ahead. I live in Sosua, but not Casa Linda. But I do have friends who do and like it there very much.


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Jan 1, 2002
Unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure about the Sosua area as the place you want to live & unless you are totally aware of the legal & cultural differences between the DR & NorthAmerica/Europe, you would be best advised to come here & RENT for 6 months or so before buying a house/apartment here!! As suggested in previous posts, check out the archives on this subject & take well trusted advice (checked three times at least with other trusted people) before going down the minefielded road of BUYING here without knowing the pitfalls you can get into!!

I don't doubt that you have done your homework & checked prices out for being competitive, but have you checked to see if you can rent it for 6/12 months with an option to buy once you have researched the area & lived there a while?? Might be worth a try & don't take "NO" as an immediate option - the sellers have probably had the house on the market for some time (Property sales are pretty down at the moment & likely to remain so until this Government goes!!), so slowly, slowly catchy monkey as the saying goes!

PLEASE check with Scott (or myself, Ken, Marco, Eddy, Peter & Alex etc) as to who are respected & trustworthy lawyers in the Sosua area before appointing one - it could save you LOTS of hard earned $$$$$'s. My advice on this subject is always to come live here for some months before trying to BUY a place - it is always easy to buy, but NOT so easy to sell. My other house in the centre of Puerto Plata has been on the market for 4 years!!!

Good luck & PM or e-mail me if you need more - Grahame.