Cattle rancher murdered in Loma de Cabrera


Oct 6, 2018
It didn't say anything about witnesses so how do they know that it was 5 Haitians?

It might be that the victim told them before he died?

A farmer who was injured by Haitian criminals who penetrated a farm owned by him in the Santiago de la Cruz community in this municipality died on Monday.

Rafael Guaba had undergone three surgeries, in a health center in the province of Santiago Rodríguez, trying to save his life, but the effort of the doctors proved unsuccessful.

A man was found seriously injured after allegedly several individuals of Haitian nationality stripped him of a shotgun and a motorcycle while on his property located in the municipal district of Santiago de la Cruz, in Dajabón.

While the wife of the assaulted was identified as Milagros Morrobel, who said that after entering the residence she found her husband under a table gagged, tied, in a pool of blood, with the wounds caused by the aggressors.

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Apr 1, 2014
Soiunds like a murder for hire to me

It doesn't take 5 people to do a hit.
Sounds like a typical crime of opportunity.
Probably isolated somewhere up in the
country away from people who could intervene.
RIP farmer guy.